Video marketing is the next big trend in the world of marketing. Many people would say that video is already the most effective marketing tool, and with good reason.

Your customers are ten times more likely to engage with a video on social media than they are with a photo or written piece of branded material.




  • Video humanizes your brand, increases brand recognition and builds trust

  • Video is the best way to tell a brand's story due to the stimulation of two senses

  • Video evokes emotion, making your brand memorable and appealing to people's feelings

  • Consumers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product if they have seen a product video over a product description

  • Video is great for SEO - your site is 50 times more likely to be on Google's front page if you have YouTube videos hosted

  • People will stay on your site for longer, boosting your Google Rank further and earning you click-throughs from social media

  • 76% of consumers say that they would share a branded video if it is informative or entertaining

  • Customers remember video. Information retention rises from 10% for audio-only, to 65% for audio/video productions

  • Video is easy to consume and provides clear information

At BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA, we pride ourselves on being video marketing specialists. We get to know the stories behind your brand and what your goals are. We then develop the concept for your video, making sure that we are creating something beautiful, true to form and shareable.

We storyboard your video and create a detailed shot-list to ensure that we collect all of the clips that we need to tell your story effectively. We collect extra B-roll to tell the story of your company and what differentiates you from the competition.

We then put together the video in the studio and work with you over the first few edits to ensure that our production meets your specification.

We have a vested interest in your video marketing campaign being successful. If you do well, you're likely to return to us, so we invest our time and care to ensure that you are happy with the quality of the video before you go live with your marketing campaign.

We firmly believe that every business and charity in every industry can benefit from strategic video marketing and internet-based commercials.


So contact us today for a free consultation and get our opinion on how to market your company through the power of video.

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