One Tree Planted

75. A story about whales, fish and trees.

The Project

There are only 75 Southern Resident Killer Whales left. The film highlights the plight of the Southern Residents, how important they are to the identity of the Pacific Northwest, the threats that they face, and the actions that we must take in order to protect this community of orca from extinction.

The Concept

One Tree Planted wanted to launch a new campaign to plant trees in the Pacific North West. They partnered with multiple organizations on the West Coast, in a coalition called Promise the Pod to raise money to plant trees in thee region.

We travelled to Washington and Oregon to collect interviews with key stakeholders, partners and experts in the region. We also travelled to multiple tree planting sites to shoot original footage. We supplemented this with news excerpts, b-roll of orcas and archive home-movies footage to tell the story of the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

The film was broken up into three clear sections to simplify the message:


I: Icons - To convey how important these animals are to the local identity, economy and ecology.

II: Threats -  To quickly communicate the reasons why Southern Resident numbers are perilously low.

III: Solutions - To help people make the land-sea connection, and that restoring on-land and in-river habitats is the best way to save the orcas.

We ended the film on a positive note, a stark contrast from the introduction, to inspire hope and and provide people with a clear call-to-action.

The film premiered at Sustainable Brands 2019 in Detroit.

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