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Julie Mulligan, Ontario, Canada

“I have had the privilege to work with Ben Hemmings Media for over 5 years on several video projects highlighting the Ontario's Highlands region of Ontario.
Ben has proven himself time and again to not only be a gifted storyteller, but to take your vision of a project and elevate it past your expectations. He contributes proactively to a project with his knowledge and expertise in cinematography and editing, lending his vision to ensure the project and story is given its' proper attention. He is as invested in a project as we are, and his passion behind the story could be seen in the final product.
Ontario's Highlands received several awards and film festival nominations for the Our Connections campaign which we worked with Ben on, to which I contribute in large part to Ben's talent of being a fantastic storyteller.

Due to his open, professional, and talented nature, I always look forward to projects where I can work with Ben!"
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