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Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Video marketing is the most powerful way to raise brand awareness and gain new clients in 2018. When based on modern principles of marketing, video marketing should encourage clients to look further into your products and services without ever directly 'selling' to them. Consumers don't want to be sold to, they want to feel that your company is worthy of their hard-earned dollars.

We have spoken before about power of emotional decision making. Today we are going to focus on how humanizing your brand, through your video marketing campaigns, will help you build an emotional connection with your customers.

Out With The Product, In With The Product Story

You come to us and ask us to create an original product video for, let's say, a watch that you have designed and manufactured.

We could simply create a product video about the watch, with slow trolley shots of the various components of the watch with a piece of classical music playing. It would be beautiful, elegant and reasonably effective. It shows off the product in all its aesthetic glory... but not much else.

However, we realize that your watch has an amazing story. You designed it in your workshop night after night, build a prototype by hand, considered every detail of the mechanics inside and the aesthetics outside. You build another version and then contacted a manufacturer and secured a deal to take the watch to market. Your humble idea is now real, being built and sold to customers across the globe! This is the true beauty of the watch, and this is what we want to focus on.

So we decide to record you talking about the watch with all of the passion that you feel towards it. We then bring in the slow-moving trolley shots highlighting the beauty of the product and how it relates to your vision and your story. People buy into you, they picture your dream, vision and admire your determination to turn your dream into reality. And, voila, your brand now has a face and an ambassador, opening more doors for you in the future and expanding your customer base in the present.

The 'About Us' Video

Another way to humanize your brand is through the 'About Us' video, or the 'Business Profile' video. Similar to the point above, you should be aiming to tell the story of your brand. Rather than focusing on what you do and how you do it, we focus on who you are and what makes you... you.

We go back to the beginning... how your business started. We look at the challenges that you have faced and what the future holds for your brand. We find out what motivates you and what you want to be known for. From this, we can tell your story as a straight narrative or come up with a creative concept to show the world your story and values through video.

The business profile video is great for every business because there are so many benefits and so many uses for the video. You'll put it on your About Us page, maybe even on the landing page of your website. It'll be your YouTube trailer channel if you're growing your channel. It'll be what you show potential clients to get to know your brand. You'll use it as your main Ad on your Facebook ad campaigns. And, most importantly, wherever you promote it, people encountering your brand for the first time will see a brand with a rich history and a clear, humanized image that they will immediately be invested in on a personal level.


Vlog-style video is one of the most effective ways to humanize your brand and show your audience what you stand for. The raw, behind-the-scenes feel of vlogs is such a powerful way to talk to your audience directly and show that you're just another person trying to pursue their dreams.

Vlogging has exploded in the past three years and humanization is the reason why. People just want to watch other people. It feels real, like post-reality television where normal people are producing their own reality TV shows with a small budget.

You can either invest in a small camera and produce your own vlogs, or as some of the clients do, you can invest in professional quality vlogs made by a videographer. This way, you'll be freeing up both of your hands for doing what you do... and you'll also look like a boss, walking around town with a private videographer following you everywhere that you go.

A combination of the two is probably best. You can get regular uploads from your own camera to maintain a good social presence and invest in professional-quality videos produced for special events, keynotes, product launches or any other day or event of particular importance.


Depending upon which industry you operate in, testimonials may be the best video style to humanize your brand. For instance, for Personal Trainers and people in the fitness industry, testimonials can be the most powerful way to build trust and rapport with your customers.

Service providers in particular benefit from testimonial videos for one particular reason. The power of word-of-mouth is much higher for services than for products. When purchasing products, consumers will search Google and read specifications, look at photos and videos and come to a decision. When choosing a service provider, consumers will often ask a friend if they know any "photographers" or "mechanics" in the area. If they get no referrals, they are likely to search Google and read reviews and opinions of other local consumers to find "The top ten landscapers in Toronto" or "The best videographer in Toronto".

Now imagine when people search this, your testimonial video appears at the top of the page alongside a couple of written reviews for your competitors. The potential client reads a few reviews and then watches your video. They watch some of your most enthusiastic clients are talking passionately about how great your service is, overlaid with B-roll showing how amazing you are at landscaping or yoga or tutoring or accounting!

I know which company I would stick in my mind and I know who I'd be willing to try out first - The company that has spoken human reviews and a demonstration of their services in a convenient one-minute package.


Become a thought leader. It's as simple as that. View selling as a secondary action which will follow naturally from being an authority on a subject.

If you sell wine, create videos where you talk about the vintages that you have in stock. Never sell the wine, be a passionate wine lover talking about their favourite stock. Create a YouTube channel and upload regularly. At the end of each review, put a subtle plug to your website and casually tell your viewers that they can see your full range on your site. The key here is not to sell and not to force the issue. Provide, don't promote!

People enjoy hearing your opinion, they respect what you say, they like your video and they subscribe to your channel. Some people click-through to your site and spend money. Others just like to watch but because you've got something interesting to say. All the while, YouTube is boosting your video in the rankings because people are enjoying it. Your channel will eventually become a revenue stream itself and people will consider you an expert!

What to take away

Simply put, people don't want to be sold products and services these days. They want to know things about products and services and then come to a decision for themselves. It's all based in emotion. Therefore, we build our video marketing on creating rapport, trust and familiarity between you and the consumer. It all boils down to humanizing your brand.

Stories about your products and brand help build emotional connections with your audience. Vlogs remove barriers between the business and the customer. Testimonial videos are like virtual word-of-mouth recommendations that build trust with your clients. Educating your viewers builds respect and trust and sales will follow organically.

Video marketing is the most effective tool for putting a face on your brand and you'll see huge returns from making the decision to build your personality into your marketing. There are many other ways to humanize your brand through video so...

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