Creating a Consistent Video Marketing Campaign for Tourism

When developing a video marketing campaign for tourism, it's important to have a clear understanding about the product(s) on offer and a vision for how to market those products.

If you haven't yet seen our videos for Ontario's Highlands Summer 2019 Campaign, check them out before reading on!

Font, cinematography and color-grading are all vital for creating consistency

Across the three videos that we produced this summer, we wanted to create a consistent feel so that viewers of the videos can easily identify the brand, what the subject of the video is likely to be (tourism) and would subscribe to Ontario's Highlands (OHTO) social accounts to see future videos.

Here, we'll outline a few of the key elements that make all three videos in the series feel consistent.


The introduction to the video is vital. Most users won't watch past 5 seconds on Facebook unless the video has a clear outline of the subject and is easily identifiable as content that they want to watch.

We used a voiceover with a conversational tone to set the scene for the video. We used the same voice artist in all three videos, with the same font, utilizing a simple writing animation as the voiceover speaks. The scripted sentence is designed to be almost like a half-sentence, to entice the viewer to discover the conclusion of the sentence through watching the video.

Visually, we front-loaded images that are immediately recognizable as travel scenes to fill the viewers with wanderlust.

The opening shot from the 'Adventure' video


Each video in the series was treated differently but we ensured that the color grading was consistent throughout the series through a number of techniques.

Firstly, we exposed for the highlights to give a more cinematic feel to the shots.

Secondly, we used histograms and scopes to ensure that all the footage was being color corrected consistently in the editing suite.

Thirdly, we graded all three videos along the orange and teal axis, to varying degrees.

Orange and teal lends it self very well to travel films and has become a staple of tourism marketing. By using this palette, combined with the opening shot selection, we are immediately able to communicate to the viewer that this video is a travel video.


The selection of music is the most important part of any video. The underscore will set the tone and mood of the video more than any other factor. It can be the most laborious part of job and we've literally spent hours searching for the right song on many, many occasions.

If you get the music wrong, the client will ask you to change the song, and the whole video will need to be shuffled around to fit the new song. Not an easy task!

This is why it is vital to thoroughly understand the product that the client is selling and how they want to position it. You need to know the mood, vibe, tone, whatever you want to call it, before you even start planning your shots and edit.


There are many other factors that make a consistent video marketing campaign: Camera movement; talent; framing; subject; sound effects; narrative... So many ways that you can create a consistent feel for your videos and help your clients create an identifiable brand through video.

Preparation is everything. Know the product; know your shots, how to frame them and what camera movement you need; know your color palette; know what your hook is for the first 5 seconds of the video.

Initial feedback from OHTO is that the videos are reaching an average watch time of over 15 seconds on Facebook. Anything above 5 seconds is considered good.

This was amazing news to hear and we're so happy that we were able to create something providing value to the Highlands. Through creating a hook early on in the video and ensuring that the viewer knows what they're buying into, we created a campaign that is watchable, clearly branded and consistent across the series.

More importantly, it was a really fun project to work on, enjoying the great Canadian outdoors with our friends at OHTO!

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