WE PLANT TREES: $55.20 donated


We have now donated $55.20 to One Tree Planted as part of our ongoing dedication to sustainable business and carbon neutrality.

Since we committed to planting trees, we have driven a total of 3343 kilometers for work. Our commitment is to plant a tree every 100 kilometers, so we've planted 34 trees so far for our mileage.

We have also flown from Toronto to Vancouver and back, coincidentally with One Tree Planted to produce a video for them. We used an online calculator and have committed to planting 21 trees for this trip.

We'll also be planting trees for our energy usage in the office. All this time editing videos, emailing and brewing coffee isn't without environmental impact. We are establishing comprehensive way to calculate and offset our office energy usage!


We've really been thinking about the plastic that we use in the office. It's rare for us to use plastics in delivery of our services and products. Almost everything that we do, from communications to development and delivery is all digital.

However, we do purchase equipment, order products online and buy food when we're out on shoots. We try to be conscientious about what we buy and where from, yet plastics are, for the time being, an unavoidable part of living and doing business.

There are so many great organizations out there which are tackling the global plastics problem and we're looking into how we can do our part.

That's all for this update. We'll keep you posted with updates. If you can think of any way that we can make our video business a force for good, we'd love to hear from you!

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