5 Industries Where Video is Booming

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

1. Travel and Tourism

Since the advent of video, it has been integral to the tourism sector's marketing strategy. Recently, the digital age has brought with it access to reasonably priced video producers and huge audiences. As such, all of the actors in the travel and tourism industries have gone all-in on video and a lot of money is being invested in creative new, dynamic content.

As an industry in itself, tourism represents one of the biggest and fastest growing industries globally. From agencies to organizations, to hoteliers and experience providers, everyone in tourism is investing heavily in video, and with good reason. Video pairs perfectly with tourism by appealing to our emotions, educating us about the world and entertaining us with a vivid and immersive story.

Tourism companies have immediate access to beautiful and inspirational landscapes and fascinating, adrenaline-filled activities which is a great canvas for an adventurous videographer to paint upon. Your travel video should aim to inspire, to inform and to tell a story. Hit all three of those criteria, and you've got a winning video.

2. Real Estate

Realtors are quickly moving over to video as the main tool to advertise their houses. Photography's grip over the industry is finally beginning to loosen and those that are adopting video are seeing huge ROI and increased sales. In fact, real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not include video.

403% more inquiries!

There are many ways for realtors to utilize video in their marketing strategies. Perhaps the most valuable video for real estate agents is the 'listing video'. This is a virtual tour of the house, designed to show off all of the best qualities of the property. Your listing video should include, as standard, drone (aerial) shots of the property from above, dynamic 'Google Earth' style animations, stabilized tracking shots throughout the property and slow, panning shots (ideally on a track) to show off key details throughout the property.

As well as listing videos, realtors can exploit video in a number of other ways. Building trust with your clients is key to realty. A business profile video, set up in an interview format, is vital and is a really powerful way to break the ice with your clients before you meet them.

Youtube is now the largest search engine for prospective home buyers, so create a coherent brand strategy on YouTube and be sure to upload regularly. There is a surge in demand demand for real estate videos and I can easily see that within the next 2 years it will be the industry standard for listings.

3. Public Speaking

Perhaps spurred by the TED Talk culture, public speakers at all levels are finding it within their budgets to employ a videographer to follow them around as they tour arenas, schools, offices and public spaces to inspire and educate the masses.

More and more of our enquiries and jobs are public speakers. Their mentors are advising them to budget for video production for a number of reasons.

Firstly, and simply, speaking is audio-visual act and therefore translates perfectly to video.

Secondly, video is the most effective way to be found by new clients and to secure new bookings. As we covered in our Make an Impact with Video post, video is the most powerful tool for exploiting social networks and if done correctly, your video could increase

your audience from hundreds to millions.

Thirdly, for a small one-off fee, you can have a beautifully constructed video, shot and produced and delivered. For a lot of public speakers, it only takes one booking to see a decent ROI on your video.

Fourthly, speakers' agents will require a Speaker's Reel to promote their clients to venues across the land. Doing this requires at least 4 to 6 events recorded with hi-quality video and audio, edited into a 5 minute-long highlights reel. Video is vital and is only going to grow within the public speaking industry.

4. Construction

Construction videos are yet to explode but I can see this being one of the biggest growing sectors over the next 5 years. Because the sector is currently underserved, the potential for making good money is big for both the adopting businesses and the videographers. Being an early adopter of video will make you much more noticeable and you're likely to see a solid ROI.

Perhaps because a lot of construction companies are largely owned by the older generations, the industry has been slow to adopt video. But as the younger entrepreneurs in the industry begin to make inroads and are seeing a return on their investment in Instagram, they are turning their heads to video as the next step in their growth.

I see a lot of potential for video in construction and with the trades. I see so many ways to present the company to clients: business profiles, before/after videos, documentary-style film about niche trades and skills, completed work (product-style videography), vlogs, job documentaries for interesting projects, and aerial videography.

It's taking longer to catch on, but video in construction is going to take off soon and those who jump in as early-adopters are those who stand to make the most.

5. Fitness

Yoga teachers, personal trainers, spinning gyms, martial arts, weightlifting classes, Box-Fit, HIIT... The list of exercise classes is endless. With so many disciplines comes a lot of business and a lot of competition. There are big players, small businesses and sole-traders in the fitness sector and they are all competing for the same fitness-fanatics among us!

Competing for customers' attention is tough but necessary. That goes for everyone, from small business running a weekly meditation class to the YMCA. Price and convenience are important in the fitness industry, but fitness marketing strategy boils down to one thing, and that thing is LIFESTYLE. Your customer wants to feel part of an exclusive group, a tribe of like-minded people. Driving further or paying more are secondary considerations. Sell them the lifestyle that you provide... and find a videographer that can make that come to life.

Every fitness company, regardless of size, would benefit from video marketing and creating a strategic plan for your video could see a strong ROI. Pack it full of testimonials, tell the story of your business and your key players, exhibit your equipment or skills, your determination and your success stories. Instructional videos are huge in health and fitness and hiring a professional videographer is key to building a successful YouTube channel.

If you practice martial arts, dance or yoga, focus on the details on each movement, the fluidity and the elegance of the positions. If are in spinning or HIIT, focus on the energy of the movements and the determination on your clients' faces. If you want to provide instructional videos for YouTube, make sure your videographer is catching the details of the exercises, and has professional audio equipment. Your videographer should know how to market your business from idea to execution and will help you along the way.

There is a huge potential for video in the fitness sector and it's another example of an industry that's only just beginning to scratch the surface of what professional video marketing can do for your business.

The Power of Video

It's not only these industries that are going to see a growth in video investment. We are expecting a surge across the board.

Simply put, video marketing is the way to grow your business in 2018 and 2019. Videos are 10 times more likely then other media forms to attract reactions, comments and shares on social media. They also help to build trust with your clients and to add a personal touch to your brand. If you hire a skilled videographer with marketing experience and a lot of creativity, the upside is massive and you're sure to see a strong return on your investment.

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