3 more Southern Resident Killer Whales declared dead

Yesterday, we were devastated to hear that three more Southern Resident Orcas have been declared dead. This brings the number of remaining Southern Residents down to 73. A few months back, we produced a film for One Tree Planted, in association with Promise The Pod about the dire situation that the Orcas face and how we can help them.

In summary, the Southern Resident Killer Whales are starving due to a decrease in the number of salmon over recent years. Salmon numbers have been declining due to the destruction of up-stream habitats, both on-land and in-water, and pollution on the water caused by humans.

Please take ten minutes to watch the film to learn how our actions have created this issue and what we can do to help the Killer Whales.

It's our impact that led to this. It's our impact that can lead us out of this.

- Allan Warren, Pearce Conservation District

We decided to call the film 75. for this reason. In our discussions with the team, we knew that the film title would age quickly. A whale was born the day before the release of the film so at the end of the film you'll see a ticker to show that the number briefly turned to 76. However, with the confirmation of three whales having died and the fact that there are now only 73 only highlights how quickly these endangered orcas are becoming extinct. In just two months, since the film was released, we have lost three more. The title reminds us about the critical nature of the situation and how much progress we are making towards recovery.

We can solve this problem. Through awareness and action we can save the Southern Residents. Please watch the film and take action to help save these amazing animals. Thank you! #SouthernResidentKillerWhales #Orca #SaveTheSouthernResidents #OneTreePlanted #PromiseThePod #BenHemmingsMedia

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