One Tree Planted

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Project

One Tree Planted wanted a commercial that targeted corporate partners around the world to support their cause. From the initial consultation, we gathered some key phrases and concepts that we knew would translate well into the finished video.

The Concept

Matt at One Tree Planted told us that he often hears about companies that "have gone paperless and have changed their lightbulbs but they don't know what more they can do to be socially responsible". We thought that this would be a great way to start the video and make the story relatable for businesses encountering One Tree Planted for the first time.

Having worked extensively with One Tree Planted in the past, we have a deep understanding of their branding, voice and how their charity functions. Based on this trust, Matt let us get creative with this one and these are the projects that we really enjoy. From the awkward crickets to the energy-efficient lightbulb moment and the comical, attention-grabbing introduction, we thoroughly enjoyed working through this video and delivering it to the client.

We integrated stock footage, comedy, first-hand footage, partner-brand logos and photos of their various tree-planting events and operations from around the world to create a well-rounded commercial, rich in transparency, endorsements, humour, striking imagery and which increases interest in the charity. 

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