Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization

Produced, shot and edited by Ben Hemmings Media

The Project

This was our third video marketing campaign working with Ontario's Highlands and with an established partnership, we were really able to push the boundaries of our video marketing strategy.

The team at Ontario's Highlands asked us to produce videos that felt more like travel videos rather than traditional destination marketing videos. Our primary goal was to engage the viewers' senses while exhibiting key experiences in the region.

The resulting videos are designed to capture attention on social media quickly through the use of interesting visuals, rich soundscaping and fast-paced editing techniques.

The three videos are tied together thematically as part of a cohesive marketing strategy. All three videos make use of a voiceover to introduce the subject of the video. We scripted these sentences to be very casual and open-ended, so that the remainder of the video completes the sentence. It also mimics the way in which a friend would begin a sentence describing their travel experiences. The text style and effects are consistent across the series as are the endscreens.

Editing techniques, colour-grading and music style were carefully tailored to each video, based upon the subject and destinations being marketed. However, we ensured that all three have a consistent feel and style so that they form part of a consistent marketing campaign.

We love working on projects like this where we can push our creativity, both in the field and in the studio. The feedback that we have received from Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization and their viewers has been humbling.

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