The Movember Foundation Canada

Mo Sessions Presents: Shavedowns and Dialogues

The Project

The Movember Foundation Canada came to us with a new concept. They wanted to have a panel discussion to summarize their Movember 2017 campaign so we headed along to their Toronto office to record it. The talk acted as a group therapy with the four faces of their campaign talking through their experiences and how they came to represent The Movember Foundation Canada.

The Concept

We filmed the full 70 minute panel discussion and produced a full-length multi-cam video for them. This was important for them to share across their internal offices around the world to get the most value out of their session.


We then created this edit, a 7 minute piece of content for them for their social media channels and as a piece of video marketing material. We decided to break up the talk and focus on each person's story individually. We used a simple black screen with white written text to focus attention on the powerful and emotive stories of the four participants. By using this method as an introduction for each person, we emphasized the importance of what they were saying over the visual aspect of the video.

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