One Tree Planted

The Million Tree Challenge

The Project

One Tree Planted came back to us after working on a few projects together. This time, they were after a short video to encourage their corporate partners to join the 'Million Tree Challenge' where they are aiming to get 500 companies to plant 2000 trees each to help California recover from forest fires.

The Concept

One Tree Planted knew that they wanted to keep the video around 30-40 seconds. Despite the tight timeframe, we opted for a relatively long intro shot to ensure that the video aroused intrigue and made an immediate visual impact. We chose a powerful opening statement to catch the attention of the viewer and keep them watching beyond the first few seconds.

After the opening, it was a case of working out precisely what information to share with the audience and choosing dramatic and powerful imagery to complement the script.

The images and wording about California burning answer the 'why plant 1m trees?'. We transition to 'how can i plant 1m trees?' where we tell the audience that One Tree Planted wants 500 companies to plant 2000 trees each. Finally, we finish on 'what will be the outcome?' where we detail what the million trees will mean for the region.

The video ends with a strong call to action to drive viewers to the website.

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