Kimberly Zeppieri

Whitby West Ward Municipal Election Campaign

The Project

Kimberly Zeppieri is running for Whitby West Ward Councillor in the October 2018 municipal election. We have worked with Kim before and she is a true representation of the mantra "she who saves the life of one person saves the world entire". Kim's life focuses on empowering individuals to fulfil their potential and overcome obstacles. That is her motivation for running for council as an independent candidate, and that's why we wanted to get onboard with this project.

The Concept

In our initial consultation with Kim, we decided that the best way to present her campaign was to keep clear of a typical 'political' campaign video. The concept was simple. We wanted to show how Kim lives her life, how she dedicates her time and energy to uplifting her community and why this will translate well to acting as Councillor for her Ward.

Our strategy was built around 'Empowerment'. We collected clips from Kim's day-to-day life: with her family; at her fitness class; acting as a Trustee for her local School Board and campaigning in the community.

As Kim practices what she preaches, we shot fly-on-the-wall, documenting her life.

We used a voiceover with B-roll collected from the shoot to drive the narrative. This was broken up by a medium close-up, talking head shot to emphasize key moments in the video, such as her campaign promises, introduction and final screen.

The final video is a strong demonstration of Kim's character and personality. We communicate her principles and tell the story of why she is running for office, rather than the hard-sell, policy-heavy tactics usually associated with political video.

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