We are a video production company that aims to provide businesses, charities and other enterprises with premium video content to boost their sales and brand awareness.

We have worked with many companies over the years and they all agree that BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA provides premium photo and video content at a reasonable price which is proven to provide an exceptional return on investment. That's why our customers keep coming back to us.

Our primary aim to create regular and long-lasting relationships with our clients. This is great for us, because we can become familiar with our clients' brands, services and products. It also serves our clients well, because they can guarantee quality and consistency across all of their video marketing and visual content that they use.

Long-term partnerships with our clients goes a long way towards guaranteeing us with a regular source of income. As such, we are able to reduce our cost per-unit with clients that want regular video or photo content produced. Some of our clients want one promotional video per month, other clients have three or four big campaigns per year which need to produced.


By making a package deal for the content to be produced, our corporate clients are guaranteeing quality, consistency and the availability of BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA to produce their videos and photos. They are securing a discounted rate and are therefore going to see a much greater return on investment.

BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA is securing regular work and income and is proud to represent brands on a regular and ongoing basis. As we become more aware and involved with your company, our understanding of your needs and your branding increases and we begin to produce higher-quality content through familiarity.


Our focus when creating videos for our clients is Video Marketing.

We aim to create interesting and visually appealing content which accurately represents your brand and your story.

We target your existing customers and new customers by creating branded content which anyone would find interesting and worth a share on social media.

This is modern video marketing and we have found that it is the most effective way to provide our clients with the outcomes that they are after.

If you see a good ROI, you are more likely to use our services again, that's why we are so determined to provide you with high-quality and affordable videography.

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