BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA is a video production service based in Toronto, Ontario. We work with you from the moment that you decide that you want to invest in a video, until after we have delivered the finished video.

We understand that for our clients, video can be expensive and there is a need to see a return on investment. As such, we construct your video in a tailored way to ensure it achieves your objectives. We make our videos highly sharable by constructing a unique narrative, filming cinematic footage and creating a rich audioscape.

We are not just video producers, we are video marketers. We understand the consumer so our productions are designed to consolidate and expand your core audience.


When you contact us, we arrange a consultation where we will go through the details of your brand and what you want to exhibit to your audience. We will take notes on the story of your brand, how you came to be and any challenges you've faced on your journey.

We then come up with a concept for your video and work with you to ensure that it meets your criteria. After this, we storyboard your film and produce a detailed shot list to ensure that we are telling your story in the most effective way.

All of our preparation means that when the day comes to record the audio and video for your project, we are efficient and precise and we don't miss a shot. This means that our post-production team and editors have a full story that can be easily pieced together without any gaps or mishaps. Nothing is taken for granted.

We produce the video and deliver a fully edited draft within three weeks. If needed, our clients can recommend changes to our edit to ensure consistency across their branding. By the third edit, we always have a completed video, ready to be published across your distribution network to raise your brand awareness and revenue.

Working with BEN HEMMINGS MEDIA is an enjoyable process and we love what we do. We immerse ourselves in the creativity of the process and tell your story in a way that is both appealing and true to life. Contact us today and book a free, no-obligation consultation or phone call and you'll realize the fun and energy that we can bring to the production of your videos.

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